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I was prescribed it this morning for sinus infection to be taken 100mg 2 times a day. After the second pill this evening my sinuses started clearing and I felt energized and amazed at how quickly it helped. I am afraid though it is going to affect my ability to get a good nights sleep and I have a small rash but not itchy. My worst worry is that I just had ankle surgery and currently having some problems with my Achilles tendon that my doctor is aware of. After researching the medication this evening I am almost afraid of taking it anymore. I have enough ankle problems as it is. Love how fast it works though...but side effects could be troublesome.

[Image: whskoy.jpg]

For me this medication turned out to be a life-saver. Well, not that dramatically of course, but if it weren't for Cipro, half a year of my life would be ruined. The thing is that my boyfriend works as a chef at a passenger cruise liner. He comes home every three months or so. We love each other greatly and wait passionately for the next meeting. The last three month were a great trial for me, as I missed him incredibly and for his holidays we decided to go to the Caribbean to spend the 10 days of his vacation together. We both were dreaming about that trip as a piece of heaven. And when he came home and we settled down in a quiet bungalow on the beach, I caught some nasty urinary tract infection after my first swim in the sea. That was horrible as in a matter of two days I got nervous, irritable and wrecked. The itching and burning made me lie all day in the bed, I was feeling awful, I couldn't even think about having sex or something and the week was about to be completely spoiled. I was in despair, felt guilty and stupid and helpless. Luckily when I was packing my suitcase at home my sister advised me to take Cipro with me, just in case. At that time I was sarcastic about all the medications she put in my bag, but when the UTI symptoms were about to devastate my holidays I was grateful to her and started taking Cipro. Amazing, but in two days the situation changed completely. The medication removed all the symptoms of the infection as easy as a T. Due to Cipro we had some marvelous days together, in spite of the bad beginning the vacation was great, we forgot all the problems and enjoyed each other greatly.

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