Teemu Arina – Optimal Recovery and Peak Performance (Biohacker Summit 2018 Stockholm)

More information: http://www.biohackersummit.com Watch the full conference recording at the website. In this opening keynote of the Biohacker Summit 2018 Stockholm, Hannes Sjoblad first goes through amendments to the human constitution in a letter to mother nature (Max More 1999). Then biohacker Teemu Arina dives deep into optimizing human metabolic

Micronutrients for the Prevention of Age-Related Diseases and Brain Dysfunction

Lecture highlights: HOW ARE OPTIMAL LEVELS OF MICRONUTRIENTS CRUCIAL TO AGING AND BRAIN FUNCTION? – Vitamin D controls over a thousand genes and ties into longer lifespans – Depression correlates with inflammation and omega-3 fatty acids – Internal gut environment affects mood and immune system – Magnesium is essential in

Evan Brand: Forest Bathing, Repairing Your Vision & Adaptogens – #268

Evan Brand is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer who specializes in functional lab testing, targeted supplement programs, nutrition and lifestyle counseling to support true health and happiness. He works with clients all across the globe and offers complimentary phone or Skype consultations along with a free chapter of

How to Personalize Your Nutrition Based On Genetics (Revised 3/19/15)

Use your raw data w/ pay-what-you-can genetic tool ▶︎http://www.foundmyfitness.com/genetics This video breaks down, point-by-point what gene polymorphisms you might look at, and how they relate to very specific micronutrients. A few examples of genes with common polymorphism discussed are MTHFR and folate, NBPF3 and vitamin B6, FUT2 and vitamin B12,

How Diet & Lifestyle Influence Aging & Brain Function [UCSF Healthy Heart Talk Oct. 2014]

Rhonda Patrick, Ph.D. discusses how diet can affect DNA damage, a well-known initiator of cancer and dietary changes that can lower DNA damage. She talks about her recent publications on how vitamin D controls serotonin and how this affects brain function and behavior. She also explores the intersection between genetics

Podcast #132 – Gain Control of Your Biochemistry w/ William Walsh, PhD – Bulletproof Executive Radio

Gaining control of our minds, bodies, and life is what biohackers do in order to perform our best. In this show the notable Dr. William Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute uncovers the knowledge he’s gained after over 30 years of researching human biochemistry. You’ll hear about: • Engineering the