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This week’s guest on Health Theory is Dave Asprey. He is the founder and CEO of Bulletproof Coffee and the author of 5 best selling books. In this episode he talks about nootropics, gratitude and how to use cyclic ketosis to enhance your performance.

Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey:
Game Changers by Dave Asprey:
Headstrong by Dave Asprey:
Bulletproof products:
48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene:

How to use nootropics to enhance cognitive performance [01:22]
Why the most successful people in the world get out of their head [07:35]
Is breathing more powerful than psychedelics? [10:27]
Overcoming trauma from birth [12:51]
Why being angry is making you dumber [15:30]
The four rules for survival [17:58]
Why the ego responds before the brain does [20:55]
The antidote for “hungry ghost syndrome” [24:28]
Why time in nature is critical for health [27:50]
How to use cold showers to your advantage [30:14]
Daily habits that will help you live a longer life [31:26]
A few of the supplements Dave takes every day [33:41]
How to get sufficient Vitamin D, even in Winter [35:13]
The best diet tips for living longer [37:27]
The two most important things for your health [41:48]



38 thoughts on “How to Use Nootropics to Feel More Like Yourself | Dave Asprey on Health Theory”

  1. Typical late drinking hipsters will likely cheer as un-politically correct statues are torn down, then go to burning man, which is a relic of a time when desperate Celtic people fearing invasion held mass human sacrifices to their gods (it didn't work and thousands were burned alive).

  2. Absolutely fascinating interview!
    I can finally attribute my awakening experience to a particular moment… A moment that was difficult to pinpoint but was very clear it took place. Dave absoulety nailed it and, its support by 30-year research… Banff, BC. late fall and beautifully exposed to all the elements. This coupled with my first dose of modafinil, "unprescribed". At first, the finger pointed to the driftless mind the nootropic provided. But, deep down I was never convinced. Random cyclically dosing in a short course, and the eureka moment never surfaced, not even close. Bottom line, I was incidentally impacted by this and have spiraled ever since. My mundane, ego-driven brain would have never allowed for it otherwise. With all that said- thank you both for your wisdom…

    (Constructive review- 45mins is boxed and left me yearning for more information… Part 2 just feels like old world thinking. This is a paradigm shift in culture, it's real! We are now responsible for laying the foundation, and potentially pathing the way for many in the wake- would love a full-length interview, "unprescribed" Love you guys!

  3. He asked a group of people if they've ever done LSD for personal development, of course they all raised their hands. A few people probably shot their hands up and the others then didn't want to be left out. Asking a group a question and getting your data from that is ridiculous.

  4. Love love love this interview! Agree with SO much of what Dave shares. I swear-I feel like at the end he was giving Tom a message about Quest Nutrition. Yesterday I finally bought a Quest cookie just bc I support Tom and it tasted great. But I wish he would use better ingredients and have non GMO & organic options. Their products look to be more processed than necessary.

  5. I don’t particularly agree with many of his practices, like the Burning Man ritual (?) and raw egg yolk, but I don’t want people who see this and dislike the man himself totally avoid all nootropics, as they have had a transformative value in my life. I would suggest thoroughly reading up on the ingredients of the supplements you take and looking into the brand, like anything else! I’m not being paid to say this or a rep or anything, but Genius Brand has wonderful, healthy supplements I use, and I would still be an anxious, depressed wreck if it hadn’t been for supplements. Not a placebo either, I had tried so many and always thought they would be the next thing to cure me…just do your research! 🙂

  6. This talk is THE BOMB. This guy. Wow. Getting his book. I am SUPER excited to try everything he talks about. And hopefully integrate it all effectively, long term. Oh and part II?! Thank you in advance.

  7. Bad science, bad logic but, a good example of how drugs confuse you enough to not realise you don't what you're talking about but feel good anyway. I suspect there was something useful in there somewhere but it was too tangled-up with the nonsense. See "self-confirming bias", "the Barnum Effect" and other cognitive fallacies. Birth trauma is nonsense 'science'.

  8. Surprised to see all the negative comments about Dave Asprey. Don’t knock it until you have tried it. Yes I used to think he was too far out..but seriously his stuff and philosophies really work. His Bulletproof coffee is da bomb and so are Quest Nutrition bars when it comes to breaking the intermittent fasts. I’m nearly 50 years old and I have never felt as good as I do now. Keep up the great work Tom! Glad to finally see Dave Asprey on your show!

  9. The current world population of 7.2 billion is projected to increase by 1 billion over the next 12 years and reach 9.6 billion by 2050,. "Let's all eat grass fed beef, it's best for the planet" Dave Asprey.
    We will have convert oceans into grass land, knock down every rainforest, and turn mars into a grazing paddock to house all the cows.

  10. Lack of oxygen in your birth. I suffered the same, and Wim Hof suffered the same, and usually the girls i fall in love with – also, suffered the same.
    I really want to research more on that.

  11. Ever since I was younger many of my family members loved and still do to this day fried and charred food. However, I feel I found this mystical intuition to not like fried foods. What are your thoughts? I inuitively stopped eating many things that are outright bad for me.

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