In this video I discuss why Urine Strip Tests are a great way to check for Ketones in Urine when beginning a Ketogenic diet. However I also explain why eventually Urine Strip Tests for Ketones isn’t as effective at identifying Urine Ketone Levels and Ketone Urine.

We also get to hear a fierst hand experience in using Urine Strip Tests to test for Ketoneis in Urine, her results of the Keto Urine Strip tests, and really how and why she used to use Keto Urine Strips.

This is an excerpt from Keto Consults 1, 2, & 4:

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The two most common questions I get …

1) “Doc, what BLOOD METER do you recommend?”


For years my diabetics told me this system was great. I tried several others before I bought this one. I can’t count the number of times I have tested my blood only to get an ERROR message from the strip. Grrr. I hate that. FORACARE gets my vote because it is accurate and takes only ONE test strip to get the results. YES!!

2) “Doc, which Ketones-In-A-Can (aka exogenous ketones, BHB) do you recommend?”
EXOGENOUS KETONES BHB: Dr Boz BHB: (affiliate link)

I don’t recommend these in everyone. I have times this is a great solution for my patients that are very overweight and trying to get used to burning ketones for fuel. All keto supplements should have magnesium in them. This one does.
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18 thoughts on “Dr. Boz on Ketones in Urine, testing with Urine Strip Tests”

  1. Only been on Keto for 6 weeks. When I first started I used the urine strips. Got discouraged trying to compare the colors. I got the device to check the blood. Yes I realize that the 3 methods measure different Ketones. With the blood meter I can not only measure Ketones I can follow my GKI. Reminds me of College chemistry classes. Why use Litmus paper when a ph meter easily gives me a number.

  2. If you are going to buy her "recommended products" you should buy "stock" in "Dr Boz. Inc.", that way at least little bit of the money that you are being ripped for, will go back in your pocket.
    You will know when you are in KETO, you do not need to buy "ANYTHING" to go KETO.
    Get Smart, only TRUST people who are "NOT" trying to sell you something.

  3. Doc, all my tests have come up perfect…. including ketones in urine… the problem is…. i've started producing calcium oxalate stones…. they are small yet, just sediment…. but i'm worried about what to do to eliminate them….. in my city there are no keto friendly doctors… the responce was, cut down the fats up the carbs….. HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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