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Modafinil is it’s own branch of the smart drug category tree, there’s a few varieties of it with a shared mechanism of action and since it’s such a popular pharmaceutical it has a lot of brand names. By my assessment AfinilExpress is the best source online.

Order Modafinil
Pharma Grade https://www.afinilexpress.com/afaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=4&tid1=youtube
With Cryptocurrency https://www.modafinilstar.com/?wpam_id=19
Caballo http://www.limitlesscaballo.com/modafinil-alternative.html (Modafinil Alternative)

1:05 Modafinil vs Armodrafinil vs Adrafinil
The WORST tasting smart drug… (Adrafinil vs Modafinil Review) https://youtu.be/62-eVmSrYC0
Brand Names http://www.limitlessmindset.com/nootropic-ingredients/956-modafinil.html#infographic
1:31 Dosage
3:20 Modafinil Science
Modafinil: The Military Grade Smart Drug and Why it Made Me Hallucinate… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6AutVf7QXw
4:11 Modafinil vs Personal Development
Personal Development Demystified- Apps vs OS https://youtu.be/auocNdcVSnA
Lifehacking Self Control #2 the Coach.me habit gamification App https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOUeMCZmReI
11:23 Modalert
11:49 Artvigil/Armodrafinl
12:32 My Modafinil Stack
Caffeine as a Nootropic: Pros vs Cons of Supplementing Caffeine https://youtu.be/6jzDqYJkVqE
L-Theanine: The Nootropic Ingredient of Green Tea that Delivers Relaxation Without Sedation https://youtu.be/Jethmjoz1_w
13:25 Vs Creativity
14:49 Half Life /Duration of Effect
Cost Comparison
Enabling Workaholicsm
16:22 The Geek’s Smart Drug for Programmers & Developers
17:19 Modafinil vs Meditation
The Blue Sky Meditation Protocol https://youtu.be/XA9izRA7vIo
18:12 Tolerance & Addiction Risk
19:14 Side Effects
20:16 ROI for Cognitive Enhancement
21:12 Other Negatives
21:49 Experience with Modafinilcat
22:49 Biohacking Consultation
Limitless Mindset Secret Society https://youtu.be/l1AYDFFU5RA
L-Theanine http://www.limitlessmindset.com/nootropics/945-l-theanine-peak-nootropics.html
25:00 Brain Training Cross Training
HighIQPro http://www.limitlessmindset.com/software-apps/437-highiqpror.html
IQHit http://www.iq-hit.com/

Modafinil Alternative http://www.limitlesscaballo.com/modafinil-alternative.html

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