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I recently spoke at an event called “A4M” in Las Vegas. My entire presentation was focused on 32 different natural ways to increase testosterone, with no injections or hormone replacement protocols required. I’m not against bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), but I do think one should explore as many natural alternatives as possible first, or, for even more bang for the buck, pair BHRT with the tactics you’ll discover in this episode. A4M, which stands for “The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine” is dedicated to the advancement of tools, technology, and transformations in healthcare that can detect, treat, and prevent diseases associated with aging. They promote the research of practices and protocols that have the potential to optimize the human aging process. The organization is also dedicated to educating healthcare professionals and practitioners, scientists, and members of the public on biomedical sciences, breakthrough technologies, and medical protocols through our advanced education entity: Metabolic Medical Institute (MMI). Their event in Vegas each year is, in my opinion, well worth checking out. In this podcast, I will review the key biomarkers for achieving peak male health, along with the most potent and effective practices for optimizing biological variables for men’s fertility and longevity. I will also unveil a host of little-known biohacks proven to enhance or restore peak testosterone and libido, along with how to practically implement a blend of ancestral wisdom and modern science to amplify sexual performance. You’ll discover a multimodal approach to optimizing male sexual performance, learn how to identify key biomarkers to assess male health, and get the best ancient practices and modern scientific strategies that enhance or restore men’s fertility and longevity. Oh, and by the way, women need testosterone too, and all these tactics will work for the ladies.  -Workout Strategies to Optimize Testosterone…9:00 Sprint Study:  Physiological and performance changes from the addition of a sprint interval program to wrestling training Airdyne bike Elliptical trainer Lift heavy stuff Article: How Many Reps Should You Do To Build Muscle? Study: Testosterone physiology in resistance exercise and training: the upstream regulatory elements Workouts:  squats, deadlifts, bench presses, Olympic lifts Article: How to Use Weight-Lifting Machines Hex bars Kettlebells Book:  Body by Science by Doug McGuff Use long rest periods Study: Effects of very short rest periods on hormonal responses to resistance exercise in men Do forced reps Study: Acute hormonal responses to heavy resistance exercise in strength athletes versus nonathletes Article: 10 Tips for Proper Gym Etiquette Use your legs Vasper Study: The effect of short-term strength training on human skeletal muscle: the importance of physiologically elevated hormone levels Article: What is the Best Way to Warm Up? Article: How to Warm Up And Cool Down Avoid chronic cardio Study: Effects of strength training on submaximal and maximal endurance performance capacity in middle-aged and older men Podcast: Primal Endurance: How To Escape Chronic Cardio & Carbohydrate Dependency & Become A Fat Burning Beast -Notoriously Missing Nutrients That Drastically Affect Testosterone Levels…18:00 Magnesium Mag SRT Podcast: Magnesium Supplementation: Everything You Need To Know About Dosing Magnesium, Timing Magnesium, Forms Of Magnesium & More Vitamin D Vitamin D3 Vitamin K2 Thorne Vitamin D/K2 Book:  The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean Sperti lamp Zinc Podcast with Joe Rogan Black ant extract Thorne multivitamin DHEA Article: DHEA, Steroid Cycling, Liposomes & More: Everything You Need To Know About Fringe Over-The-Counter Health Supplements That Build Muscle & Burn Fat Vaxxen Labs DHEA Creatine Thorne Creatine Boron Boron Article:  The Ultimate Guide To Biohacking Your Testosterone: 17 Ways To Maximize Muscle-Building, Drive & Anti-Aging -Herbal Add-Ons…29:00 Maca powder MiCacao 75% organic dark chocolate Eurycoma Longifolia Fenugreek Pycnogenol Tribulus Terrestris -Biohacking Testosterone: Tools and Tricks That Actually Work…37:06 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Study: Rapid increase in the number of androgen receptors following electrical stimulation of the rat muscle Study: Effects of low-frequency electrical stimulation on the change of male sex hormones in normal men NES Scanner Red Light or Low-Lever Laser Therapy Article: I Put a Giant Red Light on My Balls to Triple My Testosterone Levels Joovv Light Article: Red Light and Near-Infrared Radiation: Powerful Healing Tools You’ve Never Heard of Study: The effects of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) on the testis in elevating serum testosterone level in rats Cold Thermogenesis Study: Serum levels of thyroid and adrenal hormones, testosterone, TSH, LH, GH and prolactin in men after a 2‐h stay in a co


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  1. Great podcast. I inquired before, but didn't seem to get an answer that I could actually follow. Are there any Ben Greenfield forums or other discussion board interfaces where you can chat with other folks that are interested in similar things?

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