Join me, as we share experiences about the various nootropics I’ve experimented with throughout the years!

NON OF THIS IS MEDICAL ADVICE- If you are unsure of whether or not to use anything discussed here, please consult a professional. This is just my own experience.

These are some of the supplements I mentioned in this video:
CDP Choline
Choline Bitartrate
Alpha GPC
Micronized Creatine Monohydrate
Huperzine A
Vitamin D
Lugol’s Solution (iodine)
Magnesium Chelate
Fish Oil (Dr. Tobias)

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*Nothing I state, share, express, or allude to should be considered professional advice or recommendations of action. This channel is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. All content contained within is all just my own opinion and experience. Consult a professional (or two…or more) for any tax, accounting or legal related questions you may have. #Racetams #Nootropics #Biohacking #piracetam #phenylpiracetam #biohacking #vitamind #vitamins #supplements #2019 #creatine #nootropic #fishoil #ashwaghanda


31 thoughts on “Nootropics: Smart Drugs AMA (Racetams, Vitamin D, Phenibut, Iodine, Creatine, Fish Oil, & Much More)”

  1. Omar, you keep being you. Heads up, though. Richard Hart tried covering other topics and it tanked his channel. He did a follow up after he drove back into crypto conversation and he said something like, " my viewers left me. I should have made a second channel. Oh well , you live and learn." So people who love your face, on average, only love it when your face makes cryptic noises, lol. But seriously, factual stuff. Keep being you.

    Also, once you are past 30 yrs of age, you should look into TRT.

    Also, aspirin a day until you are 50 or so is super important (then it is better to inject NSAID's due to stomach bleeding). Reason being, natural blood flow is literally like 800 grit sandpaper, it really is scratching your arteries like how the grand canyon was made. So the nsaid's reduce the inflammatory response. I'm all about longevity, bro.

  2. Didn't watch the whole video but it's a topic I'm interested in. I've tried many nootropics a few years back, including many racetams, and even noopept. I only really had a noticeable reaction to 5htp, but only for the first few doses.

    What has helped me most was organ meat supplementation. You can buy them in capsule form (some companies are better than others) if you don't have interest in preparing organ meat. Grass fed beef heart gave me the most noticeable impact on focus and motivation.

  3. Try to avoid the man made chemical vitamins that are made in a lab. They're toxic. Find natural vitamins like folate instead of folic acid. The chemical form of vitamins make the body acidic.

  4. Be very careful with phenibut, its great at destroying anxiety but you will get a hangover from it the next day and can result in depression. Take it at most once a week preferably once a month

  5. Lexapro saved my life. Been taking for almost 20yrs. After the first 3 days…no side effects and back to normal. I don't know if there are any long term effects, but without it, I am a basket case. Serotonin re-uptake inhibitor.

  6. So, what actually do you recommend for people with high anxiety and depression? What are the ones that actually helped you overcome depression and anxiety rather than concentration stuff?

  7. I'm usually a fan of your channel, but I think you should stick to crypto. I'm a pharmacist with extensive knowledge of nootropics, and it's clear that you don't know enough about this to be giving advice.
    There definitely are times in this video where you give advice (you open yourself up to litigation here), this video is not simply an account of your personal experiences – which arguably would have been ok.

  8. Thx for this video man, I needed this. Going to try to take some of these supplements see if they help. Been stuck in this slump for too long drinking just about every day, I found an escape in crypto and stocks and investing, I do ok but I know I can do better and even feel better if I take my head out of chaos

  9. I also am huge on the medicinal fungi and mirror the sentiment in the pinned comment. Lions mane, reishi, Turkey tail, and cordyceps, along with many other medicinal fungi are very beneficial to human systems. I strongly advise anyone looking for the highest quality supplements to NOT buy them from host defense and instead look towards extracts that are made from actual fruit bodies (mushrooms) and not mycelium. I highly recommend Mushroom Revival. This is not a shill, this is me genuinely sharing the highest quality mushroom extracts on the market. His cordyceps extract is 30 TIMES more potent in cordycepin content than host defense. Look for their Instagram for more info and check out their website to order. Highly recommend. Once again, do not support Paul Stamets company Host Defense, he has done a lot of good for mycology but also a lot of bad for the market of medicinal fungi. MUSH LOVE

  10. Did you ever look into tDCS?
    It was, what brought me into Nootropics in the first place.
    Highly recommend it!

    And by the way, maybe not that important to you, but maybe to someone else, there are high quality plant-based Omega3 capsules out there suitable for vegans that can be taken instead of fish oil.
    I personally take Opti3.

  11. Taking all those supplements seems crazy to me. I would hate to be dependent on all those bottles. Seems like another marketing scheme just to make money off people. Seems really unnatural.

    Just eat good food and go out in nature a lot. And maybe address your lifestyle.. if you feel bad it’s probably a symptom of a neglected lifestyle.

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