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Ben Greenfield is a biohacker, ironman triathlete and the CEO of Kion Supplements. He’s also the New York Times bestselling author of “Beyond Training”. In this episode of Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu, they talk about the best biohacks for longevity, raising a family, and the importance of connection.

Are we actually living longer than our ancestors? [01:14]
The benefits of stressing your body [03:46]
Simulating what the blue zones are doing right [05:58]
Why antioxidants are bad for you, at the wrong time [11:20]
The best exercise for longevity [14:21]
Why fitness has become a new rite of passage [20:33]
Ben’s new Everest [23:20]
Why Ben is taking his kids on a vision quest [24:25]
The real reason Ben doesn’t have strict rules at home [28:21]
How to use plant medicines responsibly [33:39]
How men can improve their sexual performance [39:01]
The craziest “biohacker” thing Ben has ever done [41:56]
Why you should be able to name your purpose succinctly [47:47]
The one thing you should do to improve your health [51:24]

Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield:
Parenting with Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay:
The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Maltak Chia:
Secrets of the Superhuman Food Pyramid by Ben Greenfield:



37 thoughts on “5 Best Biohacks for Living Better & Longer | Ben Greenfield on Health Theory”

  1. Had been really enjoying listening to this until he says he is going to bow hunt a grizzly!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but just no! Why? He sounds like a pretty intelligent guy so why does he think it is ok to hunt a grizzly?

  2. Everyone that's complaining about the Grizzly Bear is missing the point completely. If you sit there and judge him for what he's doing to grow, you'll never grow yourselves. You're obviously here to improve yourself. It's less about the actual act, and more about forming your own rites of passage. It's about proving to yourself that you can set a goal and complete it. When you realize that it can be replaced by anything based on your personal preference, you stop worrying about what others are doing to succeed. If you aren't succeeding, who are you to judge someone that is?

  3. Tom: “Let me be really fucking clear, you’re going to BOW HUNT a GRIZZLY BEAR?”

    Hopefully, we don’t see a headline in 2020 where this man dies as a result of this. What possesses people to try to do these type of things. Can someone explain?

  4. Ben Greenfield has really impressed me with his knowledge. He's got an interesting methodology to life. He seems to have worked out everything he needs and doesn't seem to have closed his mind to anything else. Thanks Tom!

  5. Super crazy hearing Ben counter popular beliefs, like how we need to get rid of free radicals. Ben says we don't. The amount of disagreements in the health science realm is batshit crazy.

  6. This starts with a premise that is easily disproved by simply looking up the infant mortality rates by country. You quickly find the USA to be leading the pack (not a good thing) in infant death in the western world (with vaccinating newborns against hepatitis, a sexually transmitted disease lending a hand) WTF?

  7. Extremely well spoken. Stoic vs. Hedonistic approach to boi-hacking. Incredible insights. A modern day Socrates. Thank you Tom for all these amazing interviews! You’re the reason I get up in the mornings sometimes!

  8. 🙁 Hunting polar bears for fun is not manly or cool. If he channelled his determination into something that benefited people I would have a lot more respect. Inspirational in terms of the Iorn Man's though respect on that.

  9. Another great interview! You are the best around right now at this, keep stringing together these wins. Question; Do cold showers actually improve health, or do they just improve my perception of my health?

  10. How to but in success with out give even 1% unable to pay 30months over what happens no happy with you myself I am very happy in my life you are when you give then my faith on you .otherwise it not stand by. My family not supported to me to do all thouse things in positively.

  11. I think this guy has a lot of interesting things to say. I particularly found the concept of grounding very interesting and will try to incorporate this into my lifestyle. I stopped the video when he talked about hunting a grizzly as a right of passage. I can appreciate many ways of incorporating nature back into our lives. I can’t help but think he has masculinity issues to feel that hunting and killing a grizzly bear will finally give him the right of passage to manhood he was deprived of growing up (boohoo, *insert sobs). He calls having a goal of completing an Ironman “extreme”. Hope you finally feel like a man after your hard earned hunting expedition

  12. Such an interesting interview! While I don't agree with everything Ben Greenfield is doing, I love how straightforward and fascinating he is, thank you!

  13. Dude, you don't need the bow hunting experience more than that animal needs his/her life…. Aren't we destroying nature enough? Do something for the planet instead… And, get off your high horse

  14. I really appreciate the interview. This is my first experience with Ben Greenfield. He's terrific.

    Plant "medicine" IS drug consumption. It sounds interesting; however, it is Not recommended for folks that have drug abuse and/or misuse in the past. Technically, it's not necessary at all to connect with nature. We're enough as we are. =)

    Tom, you're already "connected" with all. If I was your BFF, I'd disuade you. 😉

  15. Wow…hunting a grizzly?! With large animals going extinct how can this guy do this? I respect his health views (pretty smart) but he’s pretty disconnected with his views on “rites of passage”. And any fuckin moron who says “factory farmed animals suffer a lot more” doesn’t get the point. Both are bad, but especially killing animals whose existence is vital to the health of our ecosystem. Some people just don’t get it

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