In this video, you’ll learn how experienced neurohackers go about creating a nootropic stack.

This video will be especially helpful to you if you are just starting out with nootropics.

My recommendation is to create your own nootropic stack when starting out. Tailor your stack to the most important issue you are trying to solve. It’ll likely be more expensive because you need to buy each individual supplement.

But the advantages outweigh the cost because once you put together a nootropic stack that works for you, it’s only then you can start searching for a pre-formulated stack that contains the same or similar supplement ingredients.

But first you need to determine what exactly needs fixing. It could be cognition and thinking-on-your-feet, memory, anxiety or depression, energy and motivation, or brain repair and maintenance.

In this video you’ll get nootropic suggestions for each of these issues to get you started.

00:45 How to Create the Best Nootropic Stack
03:49 Your first nootropic stack
05:24 Nootropics for cognition, thinking & decision-making
05:55 Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline
06:03 Lion’s Mane Mushroom
06:18 N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT)
06:35 Pine Bark Extract
06:51 Vitamin B6
07:04 Vitamin 9 (folate)
07:24 Vitamin B12
07:54 Nootropics for memory
09:04 Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline
09:14 DHA (Omega-3)
09:29 Huperzine-A
09:38 L-Theanine
09:50 Noopept
10:05 Phosphatidylserine (PS)
10:24 Piracetam
10:50 Nootropics for anxiety & depression
12:20 Aniracetam
12:40 Alpha GPC or CDP-Choline
12:55 Ashwagandha
13:08 Bacopa Monnieri
13:23 Lemon Balm
13:42 Rhodiola Rosea
13:57 Sulbutiamine
14:12 Vitamin B6
14:25 Vitamin B12
14:59 Nootropics for energy & motivation
16:12 Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR)
16:36 Alpha Lipoic Acid
16:55 Coluracetam
17:21 Coenzyme Q10
17:39 Creatine
17:49 NADH
18:04 Noopept
18:26 Phenylpiracetam
18:40 Rhodiola Rosea
18:57 Pramiracetam
19:28 Nootropics for brain repair & maintenance
20:51 CDP-Choline
21:07 DHA (Omega-3)
21:22 Phosphatidylcholine (PC)
21:33 PQQ
21:50 Pramiracetam
22:07 Pterostilbene
22:29 Resveratrol
22:46 Turmeric
23:16 Wrapping it up
24:52 Pre-formulated nootropic stacks

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