Well, here’s day 1. The video quality isn’t great and I was so unprepared I annoyingly chewed on nicotine gum the entire time but the quality will improve over time. You have to start somewhere and it is best to start badly than not at all. I doubt anyone will watch this for about a year or so but this is more for my own psychological well-being than anything else. Hopefully these videos will improve my motivation to make each day better than the last, execute everything I’m learning from Jordan Peterson, Dave Asprey, and Jacob Gordon at the moment, acknowledge my daily successes, and learn from my failures. I will obviously report on whether this video journal series helps in these regards, what I learn in regards to how to do it right and mistakes to avoid, and help others utilize this method to get their own life together if it proves to have utility.

I instinctively feel that it will be of huge benefit as I already feel more motivated and I love the idea of being able to see myself progress and evolve in future episodes if I make the right decisions. Furthermore, I know I will see myself miserable, frustrated, in pain, and morose if I make bad decisions. It’s like a TV series where I control how the series progresses. And so I promise myself here that even if everything falls apart I will continue to make videos.

I may fail a great deal in the beginning. My first 30 days may only be days of complete failure and remorse. However, I need to make videos about those failures in order to learn from them. Also, if I die, I want to leave behind a record of my attempt to live, and to thrive despite the odds against me. If I make the wrong decisions and they end up killing me, these videos will serve as my memoirs and my suicide note. For I may commit suicide by bad decisions. If I eat junk food and procrastinate and live a meaningless, boring, unhappy life, that’s asking my heart disease to deteriorate to the point I will die of heart failure within the next 10-15 years… if not earlier. Let’s hope I choose to live. 40-45 years is far too short a life when I’ve only just begun to live.

Thank you for watching. And thank you for reading. God bless.


One thought on “Ben’s Biohack Ep 1: 256 Ways to Naturally Increase Dopamine, Supplements, Adderall Withdrawal”

  1. I took focalin for 2 years orally with no problems, once I found out about snorting it was when I really fell off, started needing more and more each day, I started snorting about 3 or 4 daily doses a day, I snorted it for 4 months and today is my 1 week sober point. Its not that long but it's been really hard, I'll take your advice, thank you.

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