Entrepreneur and creator of Bulletproof Coffee, Dave Asprey, shares his ultimate secrets to success and the next big thing you need to know about.

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25 thoughts on “Dave Asprey’s Latest Biohacking Secrets”

  1. Great—- but camera angle is weird— the way they are sitting looking toward each other instead of more toward the camera— and sound was too low—–

  2. I was not expecting much from dr Oz. His tv show is so limited compared to YouTube videos by dr Hyman, dr mercola, dr Perl mutter, dr Berg, and Dave asprey. But this interview was wonderful ! It pushes the boundaries of medicine and science, and it is kind, smart and loving. I may try subscribing to dr oz to see if he can really go beyond his Tv show

  3. In India there is a Verse from the ancient vedas: Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavatu = May the whole woirld be happy
    This consciousness is only possible if you are not envious and really want to help the millions who are suffering! Health is definately one of the most important factors. But you also need to educate people about Karma. Fore bad deeds, you will have to suffer karmic reactions like incurable diseases…

  4. How ironic when you are biohacking your age but you look like more aged in just four years in the age of 45 years old currently. Is this really true or they are just fooling the scrolling lab rats in the internet?

  5. Why is Dave Asprey slumming with "Dr" Oz??? As I recall, Dr Oz completely dissed the Keto diet and mocked Gary Taubes when he came on his program. Now he's all about Keto and biohacking? Nonsense. He's a quack that just goes where the money is. I couldn't even watch this video and I've lost respect for Asprey. I probably won't be buying his Bulletproof products anymore if he's besties with Oz.

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