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This is the 30 day review of my noopept experience using objective memory testing.

As I mentioned before, noopept was something that I had tried before, but it was in conjunction with a few other racetams and I never really gave it an honest shot to work by itself.

This time I used Cambridge brain science tests to see if using noopept would increase my scores. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any significant differences from the Day I began until the final day of the trial.

It’s not all bad though, I did notice some alliveation of anxiety, some increase in motivation (acutely) and and slight generally feeling of overall well-being, but nothing that other supplements have not done in a greater capacity.

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7 thoughts on “30 DAYS of Noopet: The final Review”

  1. Great video. Appreciate the effort of making it as objective as possible.

    I assume you are taking the KSM-66 extract of Ashwagandha? Also, how much 5-HTP are you taking? Distributed over morning/evening? I distribute it 50/50, since melatonin is prescription-only in my country (Austria) and serotonin has a pathway to convert into melatonin. Also, if one tries to increase memory, Bacopa Monnieri is probably the safest bet, I'd guess.

  2. Noopept improves reactions time and decision making speeds. Also, it’s good to improve strength. But not much of improvements in brain capacity. For that, better to try Sunifiram or drugs from the racetam family. Also, noopept can and will mess up with your short term memory at start, but it would disappear soon. Had taken noopept for years. Also, an amazing drug to prevent and recover from alcohol hangover.

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