Nootropics – 15+ supplements for improving focus, memory, brain fog, chronic fatigue, sleepiness, creativity, intelligence, mood, ADHD, depression, and reversing brain damage.

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39 thoughts on “Nootropics – Top Supplements For Increasing Mental Performance”

  1. Hey Leo …. Please help me with this …. i am from India …. I actually ordered the Ltheanine online and I wud be getting in a Day or two …however in the mean while I found a Friend who owns a pharma company and they collaborated with Sun Pharma and he told me he cud get me Modalert ….My question is … Can I take both Modalert and Ltheanine by stacking it together ….or it wud be too much … Shud I wait …and do only one at a time ….. Waiting to hear from you Leo……..Thank u in advance….

  2. Useful to the maximum. My mom suffered from a stroke & dementia. So about 2 yrs ago I started giving her a small stack of some of the nootropics Leo mentions. It helped in keeping her memory functioning to the end. if I had started sooner it would have either stopped it completely or stopped some of the progression. Life altering information… no one lays it out like Leo!

  3. ….dear,   There are too many herbal available, brother Actualized, STUDY AYURVEDA, BUY GOOD BOOKS, THEN GO TO HOMEOPATHY AND HOMEOPATHY IS THE NUMBER ONE IN THIS WORLD, I challenge you, right Homeopathy doctor/or self medication when you have it, you are having it as a very good treatment…. all your supplements, Ayurveda, Herbal, Unani etc are good if used with HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT, DEAR ACTUALIZED WHO EVER YOU ARE, MY FRIEND, LEARN HOMEOPATHY FIRST Brother, I Request you please stop talking with half knowledge my friend, the morons who are commenting don't know a shit….The supplements you mention are like one tiny half drop in a ocean, please first study HOMEOPATHY, Dear Actualize who ever you are bald fellow, don't start talking about Homeopathy without knowing anything just because I insisted, it may take you life times, So please don't come to  hasty conclusions and talk…..also about Ayurveda there are many English translations and also for charaka Samhita, susrutha samhitha and many other older translations, Please read them….And I don't know how your slave followers will react to this reply/feedback , hope they like it

  4. LEO Dear Please reply me, All your Meditative State is bulshitt, because I am more social conscious to liberate my v=fellow bonded with Maoism….You are teaching escapism, I am not interested all this dramatics and self deception in the name of Meditation….I want to empower people to get their rights….You people are ONLINE PARASITES, selling a useless spiritual shit….Why All this shit you want these vulnerable stupid scapegoats? Indians more than 1000 mil people are suffering from poverty and exploitation, you oron Leo actualized Rogue why don't you send the people to make the suffering exploited masses to become conscious and empower the people to win their due rights?

  5. I've had treatment resistant depression and anxiety for 25 years. After trying everything known to man, including ECT and TMS, my doctor prescribed Nuvigil. It saved my life! I've felt contentment, peace of mind, pleasure just to mention a few of the benefits. I'm up to 3 times the maximum recommended dose of 250mg and my doctor will not increase it. I'm slipping back into the "black hole" and don't know what to do. There have been no side effects or abnormal blood tests. I won't go back to the way things were before, killing time waiting to die. I was 38 when depression took over my life and I am now 62, so what's the problem with increasing my dosage? I'd rather live 5 more years on Nuvigil than 20 years without it. I've never abused drugs or alcohol and I'm not looking for a way to get high. I just want to live. Please help me find a supplement that will boost Nuvigil back to what I know is possible. Diane

  6. Modafinil without a prescription is illegal here in the United States since it is a Schedule IV controlled substance under United States federal law; however, can't I consume Adrafinil and get similar results because it's metabolized to Modafinil through the liver?

  7. Erm I've got a question. Can you take some of these Nootropics if you are already using homeopathic medicine ? For instance L theanine , Sulbutiamine , modafinil etc while you're on homeopathic medication . Anybody ever experimented ? Any negative effects ?

  8. Doesent tinkering with your brain chemistry produce unknown effects which make your biological functioning weaker, especially in the nervous system. Also you will be dependent on the substance and get lessened state while not on it right. Whats the difference with any other drug, really? “But Leo, arent drugs just addictions with temporary benefits and long term harmful consequences?”

  9. I'm taking 7 of these, anything wrong with this combination? >>> lion mane mushroom, L-theanine, Alpha-GPC, 5-HTP, sulbutiamine, Vinpocetine, N-A-C. Oh and CBD Isolate. Thank you 🙂

  10. 33 and needing nootropics, does Psychedelics and "thinks" his age is whats making him less cognitively superior as he use to be? I pray for and wish you the best. One of my favorite YouTube channels keep up the great work.

    Ps there is mental and physical health professionals for these types of events.

    Pss hoping YouTube gives medical benefits.

  11. If you're taking the fish oil for the omega 3, forget that and take 2 tbsp of ground brown flax seeds per day, because it also has the perfect ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. Do some research there.

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