VMI is back with a super high energy preworkout for all of the stim junkies out there! Huperzine A, Choline, Hordenine and Triple-Stage Caffeine are all at play here working to get you up and going! Every 8 gram scoop is pushing 400mg of caffeine.

Miami Vice is Mike’s favorite flavor (which can be dangerous with how heavy of a stim supplement this is!) This is Matt’s first time trying these out; see what he thinks!

Looking at the label, Mike also realizes that this has to be a quite high dose of Huperzine A, which we haven’t seen as high, so that could be doing some crazy stuff with the choline!

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10 thoughts on “VMI Sports K-XR Pre Workout Flavor Review (Geographical Flavors?!)”

  1. Nice vmi sports a badass of a supplement company too they send me supplements samples of your supplements so I can do a supplement review on my supplement review channel on YouTube and I tried the kxr preworkout and that it hit me hard went ham in the gym got a SICK workout

  2. Guys, when you write "xsupplement review" i expect a classic PP review (the manufacturing side, the ingredients profile, flavors and the experience you two had with this)… this was basically a flavor test, not a supp review. This looked half assed to me if i might be honest.

  3. I like to break down pre-workouts into what I consider the 5 important points of performance:

    Energy- With 400mg of caffeine, it's hard not to feel the energy with this product. If you have a pulse, you'll get amped up taking this. I would actually wait a little longer after taking this to go to the gym so that I would level off a little bit before hitting the weights. Not for the light at heart for sure. Energy gets an A.

    Strength-This is a creatine free pre-workout, so you're not going to see much in the area of strength increase. Luckily for me I was taking Armistane during my run of this product, so I was able to get my strength increases elsewhere. If you're taking a separate creatine, test booster, PH, or ect. This would be a good product to use; otherwise you'll have to rely on good old fashioned tenacity alone to increase your strength. Strength gets a D.

    Endurance- This product does have beta alanine, but in all likelihood not an effective dose of it. You still feel the tingles a bit, but not enough to make a profound difference. Endurance gets a C.

    Pumps- With no real "N.O." or pump-inducing ingredients, the pump factor in this product is lackluster in my eyes. Although I consider pumps to be the least significant point of performance, if you feel the need to be busting out at the seams you might want to look elsewhere or stack with a separate pump product. Pumps get a D.

    Focus- This was the other legitimate thing I felt while using this product, that good old tunnel vision and in the zone feeling. I almost wouldn't recognize or pay attention to the hot girls in yoga pants on the treadmills, that's how I knew the focus factor was legit in this product. Focus gets an A.

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