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How Collagen Improves a Keto Diet: Boost Liver Health- Thomas DeLauer…
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How Collagen Improves a Keto Diet by Boosting Liver Health – Thomas DeLauer… The health of your liver literally can make or break your success with the ketogenic diet. I mean, it’s seriously epicentered in your liver. All the processing of ketones and everything like that happens in your liver. So I want to talk today about collagen, and I want to talk about it from a completely different perspective.

We see a lot of people promoting collagen products now with keto, and that’s all find and dandy. But I don’t think they’re focusing on with is actually important and why collagen is critical to your liver. But first off, we have to understand that collagen is super, super prevalent in your body. We don’t need copious amounts of it. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies. The hard part is when we’re on a ketogenic diet is if we ever do get into a point where our bodies do start to break down protein because we haven’t fed ourselves enough fat, the first thing it will start to break down is usually collagen, simply because it’s the most abundant. It’s going to take from whatever there is the most of already.

But here’s the thing. Collagen is made up of something known as glycine. Glycine is amino acid, which is the main constituent of collagen. A lot of times people look at foods as just the simple macro nutrients, the proteins, the fats, and the carbs. I look at things a little bit different. I try to look at things from a broader perspective and actually get a little narrower in some cases. So when we look at collagen, I don’t look at collagen as a protein. I look at collagen as the different constituents of it. And in this case, glycine is what excites me the most about collagen.

What happens with glycine is it has a huge, huge impact on how your liver works. And I’ll get to that in just a second. But more importantly, glycine is a big contributor into how we synthesize DNA. If we don’t have enough glycine coming in, we can’t create new cells that are actually programmed to our body’s genetic code. So if we’re deficient in glycine, our cells can’t do their job right. They can’t recreate. We can’t grow muscle. We can’t burn fat. Things just come to a standstill. And I truly think that glycine could be a root of aging or not aging.

But anyhow, that’s kind of a story for a different day. Let’s talk about how it works in the liver. There’s a couple ways it links to the liver. The first one is kind of a simple shallow one, so I’m just going to touch on it for a second. We need glycine to make glutathione. I’ve talked about glutathione a lot. It’s critical when it comes down to detoxing the body. We absolutely need glutathione to neutralize oxidative stressors in the body. They go around, and they stop stress. And in today’s world, we’re under a lot of stress. We’re always pressed for time. We’re always under deadlines. We’re stressed out a lot, and we have all these toxins coming in. So if we don’t have glutathione, our body’s in a very toxic state and that puts our liver in jeopardy.

When our liver is in jeopardy, then obviously, we’re not doing a good job of creating ketones, are we? So glycine is a huge backbone for glutathione. I’m not going to go into a whole lot more detail there. The big connection with glycine is its effect on bile salts. So here’s a quick breakdown.

When you consume a lot of fats like you are on the ketogenic diet, your body has to find a way to absorb those fats. I don’t know if you knew this or not, but fats don’t just absorb like carbs do. They actually have to be emulsified.

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28 thoughts on “How Collagen Improves a Keto Diet: Boost Liver Health- Thomas DeLauer”

  1. Hello and thank you Thomas. After starting Keto diet in January, eating more fats including saturated fat (bacon, pork) but no carbs. My EKG and stress test found abnormalities for the first time in my healthy life. My LDL is off the charts and doctor is concerned about changing my diet off of this. What went wrong? I live an incredibly healthy life, exercising every day but I drank alcohol 3 x weekly bring me out of ketosis. Any suggestions. Laird

  2. I have a question about what you said- if you don't get enough fat on a ketogenic diet, your body starts to break down protein? Does that mean muscle? Wouldn't your body use it's own fat instead of your muscle first then glycogen? It's a little confusing..

  3. I love your videos but lately you don’t give examples, if you’re talking about collagen, say like this options!! More useful a little less science, you get loss in trying to be too specific, with that said, I will continue watching

  4. hehehe…..yeah…i was gonna say every time u say liver, u point to your stomach….
    awesome video man.
    Ppl never believe me when i say one’s personality can be changed by diet…
    i wish they would see this video.
    It’s WAY easier to get our asses out of the couch…when our diet is right, and our liver and kidneys do what they are supposed to be doing.
    thanks for this !

  5. Thomas I am so glad I subscribe to you. The manner in which you present information is perfect for me. Its scientifically based, backed up with research and simplified for me to comprehend and utilize. I have learned so much from you and have transformed my body significantly. Hands down the best channel on YouTube.

  6. Thomas! I have a question. I'm a diabetic and my blood sugars have been high for a long time, but now I'm trying to eat healthier, I started taking collagen, i started noticing that my hair was growing more, especially on my chest and face, ove never had hair there, plus I noticed my body frame was growing a bit more, I thought I stopped growing when I was 15, but I think I'm growing faster by taking collagen, do you think it is the collagen doing this?

  7. I don't understand the difference between Collagen and protein shakes. They both have glysine and amino acids.
    Perhaps you can make a video explaining the difference. If you add Collagen to a protein shake are 't you doubling up on amino acids?

  8. I bought Enhance Collagen by Organika . It is 100% pure hydrolyzed collagen powder . I had hepatitis and now fatty liver. It's safe for me to take this collagen ? I am asking because on the package is an advise for people with liver disease to ask a doctor befoer use this supplement. Thank you.

  9. Is unflavored gelatin a sufficient and absorbable source of collagen? I've definitely noticed improvement in digestion and hair growth. I also feel like i'm getting better results from strength training.

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