I believe one of the factors contributing to my quick post-surgery recovery is my supplementation. Of course rest, meditation, nutrition, etc, all contribute and I’ll be posting videos on those factors at another time. But those who are interested in which supplements I’ve chosen to use to support the healing process (reduce inflammation, improve joint repair, tendon healing, etc) here is the list:

The first supplement I’ll mention is something unique that I hadn’t heard of before this, called BPC 157. It’s a peptide known as Body Protective Compound that can be purchased from certain peptide pharmaceutical websites (which I won’t be listing here for legal reasons, but you can PM me). It’s a small amount of peptide powder in a vial that you reconstitute with bacteriostatic water and inject subQ using an insulin syringe around the injury site. Google it. #WolverineHealingFactor

Other supplements include MSM, Collagen, Tumeric / Curcumin, vit C, glucosamine, zinc, Cissus, Greens Superfood, Fish Oil/EPA. I suggest checking out the site http://www.Examine.com for unbiased, comprehensive reviews of the research on hundreds of supplements.

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