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Proteins and fats are essential not carbohydrates

Hormone proudction
Cell integrity
Strengthens immune system

Stay away from heavily processed vegetable oils

Butcher Box = grass fed & grass finished beef
Better fatty acid profile

Vegetable oils = not good for you…unstable at high temperatures
Avoid trans fats

You can eat a lot more fat then you thought you could

Avoid bread and chips
Go after protein and fats
Tend to eat less as a result

Extremely satiating

Eat your fat it’s not bad for you.





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21 thoughts on “Eat MORE Fat?? It’s Healthy For YOU!! | MIND PUMP”

  1. I had my first day on the keto diet. i had about 50 carbs total, AND grain-free!!! i had a mini crash around 3pm from the low sugar, but honestly I drank some water and was able to then have some red meat and salad for dinner at 6pm. all in all a successful day!!! now i'm drinking some tea before bed. gnight yall.

  2. If you are not doing keto, what macronutrient ratio do you recommend? I used to do the bulletproof diet (whole 30 foods with the keto macronutrient ratio) but am finding it too hard to sustain while living in malaysia for a year.

  3. While I do love my carbs, and I do eat a good amount of them, I’ve found that having a higher carb/fat ratio is much more satisfying than going as low-fat as possible just to get in more carbs.

  4. Since you are cooking bacon, what about cooking with bacon grease? For example, I make bacon for breakfast, then cook my vegetables and eggs in the leftover bacon grease. Thoughts on doing that? or ways in which I could improve upon that?

  5. People need to understand that fat is needed to transport proteins evenly around the body. Without it, excessive proteins will just be flushed out of your system. That's why some people will have a hard time growing muscles in certain areas like the calves and blame it on genetics.

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