IIFYM. Counting Your Macros Is F*cking Up Your Health. Nutrition Facts and Advice with Jason Phillips for Mind Pump TV. IIFYM Full Day of Eating, Flexible Dieting and Intuitive Eating explained with Nutrition Expert Jason Phillips and Mind Pump’s Sal Di Stefano.


If It Fits Your Macros

What is it? Is it great? Or is it crap??

– Proteins
– Carbs
– Fats


Fucked up things:

– 1 nutrient that’s never talked about is Fiber
– Fiber is not sexy

Bodybuilding crowd.
Bunch of college kids bored out of their minds

Here’s the thing that NOBODY talks about:
Really shredded and look really good on stage
Does NOT equate to optimal health or optimal performance

Yet to see anyone who has yet to break a world record Olympic lifting or powerlifting eating pop tarts and donuts

As your health declines, your appearance gets worse as well
You’re going to look awful
Oxidative stress

Do their show, then disappear

Leads to developing a poor relationship with food
Restricted calorie setting
ALL their focused on is what food they’re going to eat
Training takes a back seat
Social life takes a back seat
Health takes a back seat

IIFYM Instagram Pages
Bodies or Food
Donuts, Pizza, Ice Cream
NOT balanced
The key to success and long term success with dieting is sustainability
Emphasis on sugar is going to mess with you long term and reduce longevity
NOT disputing the fat loss argument of that you can look the way you want eating any food
At some point your goals do shift

Prioritize nutrient density

IIFYM for competitors vs nutrient density foods
Look better when you avoid processed foods
Macros with high food quality
Doug Miller – one of the best natural physiques

One of the first thing to teach your clients:
Macros and calories; then progress from their
Can become very obsessive
Intuitive Eating
Best intuitive eaters started with a macros prescription

How do you eat when you travel?
It’s not as hard as people make it
Most people try and justify their cravings

Hyperpalatability = something that tastes really really good

These foods trigger opioid receptors
Food addiction is a very real thing
These companies know that
It will still elicit the same response in your brain

When you avoid processed foods and eat a strawberry or apple, it’s delicious

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should

You physically can put anything you want in your macros
Understand there will be ramifications; long term physically & emotionally

Macros are important
Calories are important
BUT they’re not everything
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38 thoughts on “IIFYM – Counting Your Macros Is F*CKING Up Your Health!! | Nutrition Facts + Advice (Jason Phillips)”

  1. So it's just all about moderation. IIFYM does work, and yes you can have the occasional slice of cake or pie, but you can't eat just that. You gotta eat like 80% clean. That's my philosophy at least. You don't have to be scared of indulging in something tasty every once in a while. Especially if you're just a normal person, not an athlete or competitor or anything.

  2. I agree I do iifym I make sure I eat clean most of the time but I do like to have the option of eating something bad without it making a huge difference in my appearance is it the healthiest way to go about things? Probably not….but I'm not gonna lie I'm 22 and vain af so I'mma keep it up

  3. Unfortunately a lot of people hit the gym for their appearance and not to break lifting records. A lot of people struggle with eating nutrient dense foods because they miss out on the more delicious processed foods so they use IIFYM as a gateway to get shredded whilst eating the foods they love with putting little thinking into the long term benefits of just eating better overall. Seems to me that iifym is that quick fix to getting the body they want. I use iifym but I eat a majority of nutrient dense foods and if I have extra calories to spare yeah maybe I’ll have a snack that one would be considered junk but it is what it is. Great video.

  4. What your opinion on eating clean and having one day a week of eating whatever u want whenever u want ? Some people say don't do it but at the end of the day your not going to get fat in a 12 he eating binge

  5. I do kinda get the message of this video but people who have kids and stuff cant always stick to the perfect world "bro diets" so IIFYM is a realistic option for those who want to be in shape but need to have flex to whip up those quick not so great meals to get the family fed

  6. Nobody I know doing IIFYM ignores fiber, and even the ones that are ignoring fiber are still eating better than most of America. So please stop trying to scare people away from this.

  7. "Prioritise nutrient dense foods" – Could not agree more!
    That's the problem with a lot of people who are new to IIFYM and follow what they see on certain instagram profiles rather than doing some deep research themselves and end up eating junk food mostly along with a protein shake to get their macros.

    Personally, my main 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) are lean af – Always lean meat, complex carbs and veges.
    My 2 inbetween snacks are also usually lean but I only add something more calorific in order to reach my calorie and fat goals as I always struggle to meet these through lean eating.

  8. Bros don’t want to hear this but processed foods are actually crap for you, no other country eats them to the extent that Americans consume them on a daily basis & unsurprisingly we’re one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. Just try to eat more whole, minimally processed foods mostly plant based (veggies & fruits) with moderate lean, grass fed meats/poultry & wild seafood. Processed foods from time to time are okay but some of you IIFYMers eat them in every meal without realizing

  9. Yeah this is stupid… just about everything they talked about doesn’t define IIFYM or flexible dieting in any shapes or form, what iifym basically means is to create a balance of macros so you try and eat 80% healthy and let the other 20% of your total calories come from whatever foods you want

  10. Clickbait title is dangerous. IIFYM is probably one of the best ways to lose weight in a healthy manner, especially if you want to lose fat and retain muscle. You guys are making it seem like EVERYONE who follows IIFYM just eats donuts and pizza. I follow IIFYM and haven't had a donut or really anything of the sort in weeks or months. IIFYM is just a way to allow you that flexibility when you want or need it. Just because some IG fitness models who are probably on something anyways post about their pizza and ice cream may be fucking up their health (it's probably more what they're running than what they're eating tbh) doesn't mean us average Joes doing it are fucking up our health. Some "experts" you guys are.

  11. Tracking my macros and being at a 500 calorie deficit I’m actually eating way more calories and more healthy foods I still make sure to look at my sugar and sodium as well! I think it can really help with weight loss!

  12. Renaissance Periodization has been fantastic for my nutrition. It’s like counting macros but it’s so much easier with the template foods already selected! I add in a “cheat meal”on the weekends and never stress about attending weddings, social events or business functions.

    Never STRESS over food and dieting. Make it work for you. Don’t let the diet “run” and prioritize your life.

  13. This assuming that the people that follow the plan are idiots regarding nutrition. If someone has read anything about a healthy diet they will include mostly plant based calories.
    I hope idiots understand what these dudes are actually saying and not the surface BS that tracking your macros may not be good.

  14. Actually the processed foods have way more carbs, fats, and protein. So you have to really budget your macros to get you through the day and that is only through eating healthy. Im 37 and it works for me after having 3 kids. So please don’t paint this issue with a broad brush. You count macros in the beginning, but after you start to memorize it. Your eyes begin to be trained on what a right food portion is.

  15. Excellent point, just because you're macros allow you to eat a donut every day or whatever other treat you choose, does not mean you should. I tried being more flexible with my diet and not only did i gain more fat but i quickly realized that giving yourself permission to eat anything you want as long as you stay within your calories screws up your relationship with food way more than eating clean. There is a reason why the good things in life take effort and sacrifise and following iifym takes that sacrifise away in favor for daily indulgences, small as they may be which in turn teaches you nothing about restraint. There are good and bad foods as much as people want to demonize that concept. People just want to rationalize and justify a reason for eating them so suddenly its cool to think of all food as energy and not good or bad. In the end i believe a healthy lifestyle is not about short cuts and it never has been.

  16. you guys talk like… donuts … pop tarts…. what do you think happens after you eat this crap… you got no fats left and need a ton of protein, hence youre eating chicken for the rest of the day etc.

    after a day eating shit like that (pop tarts) you realize its not worth eating it and you adjust from pop tarts to healthier, satisfying options. nobody just eats pop tarts everyday … common guys …

  17. My exboyfriend played Hockey and was in great shape for his age (40’s) but he had a shitty diet (mostly McDonald’s, Friday’s, Buffalo Wild Wings). His body did look awesome but he was always feeling like something was off in his system.

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