Biohacking Q&A #9 The Secret Space Program? & Biohacking for a 70 year old man

[This educational video advocates responsible, SAFE use of legal supplements. Please see my guide on How to Biohack Smart and Safe] Jonathan answers questions about… 0:45 Antigravity & secret space program? 5:10 No fap for Muslims 12:47 Improving society with better parenting 16:18 Combining Rhodiola Rosea with SSRIs like

What Are the 3 Best & Worst Nootropic Supplements?

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Hydrogen: The Miracle Molecule And Why You Need It Right Now With Tyler W. LeBaron #112

If there was one single, completely safe, natural supplement that possessed a seemingly endless potential of miraculous healing powers, with zero risk or side effects would you want to try it? What if one universal molecule could, prevent hangovers, reduce inflammation, scavenge free radicals, increase physical and mental energy (mitochondria+ATP),