UPDATE! (Dec 2018) 🍄Since posting this I’ve since met the owners of Alpha Dynamics (amazing guys) and managed to get a DISCOUNT CODE if you want to try any of their products. Link here http://bit.ly/AlphaShrooms and use the code “stevenwarren” to save on $$$ on your order.

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Before you choose to try any smart drugs, my personal suggestion would be: fix your diet/sleep/stress levels first! Getting these things down gives me incredible focus and cognitive enhancement alone. These are just supplements that I use from time to time when I really need to kick it into gear (which we all at some point need to do!)

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46 thoughts on “My Top 3 Nootropics (Smart Drugs) For A Peak Performing Brain”

  1. I am 64 and 5 out of 8 in my family from fathers siblings got dementia.I am very forgetful but that would also go with depression.Which is best for me .You are young,those things you mentioned good for young ,what about my age which is best.I take gingo 6000 at the moment,which is best for mwe.I am on many suppliments.Ashwaganda and rhiodola is good for stree and what anbout these ones you mentioned?which should I get?Also can you tell me something good for keeping you younger ?

  2. Hi steven I am not good with computers and instgram.I am on Fb.Do you have FB?I like to know if any of these will put on weight as side effect.I have hypothyroid.Are any of these ingrediants goitragenic?as it distorts the iodine levels?pls can you answer me.I like to know which is best for prevention of dementia if it is possible we don't know,but would like to take something.Also do you have a video about thyroid supplement which is best one?and adrenal fatigue one?

    I saw a dream someone gave me something looking exactly like sultanas it was Chinese and that person told me to eat it is good for me.he also says it is starchy when you bite in it.I wonder what?Is goji good or a hype?but it is not starchy or Chinese.

    Now about this video.Do I need to take all 3?which is the best of the 3?Also do you know anything herb?for elasticity of skin as you age?gotakola is good?

  3. Hi – so this video is almost a year old. Are you still loving the AlphaDynamics mushroom extract products? I have been using "Natures Best" Reishi, Cordycepts, Lions Mane etc… and taking much more than the suggested dose regularly, just to gain an edge, keep my heart healthy, avoid tumors etc., but I really don't feel much. So I am excited about a potential product containing these mushroom extracts that you can actually feel. The only adaptogens or herbal suppliments that I actually feel are 5-htp, kratom, Macuna, l-triptophan, and phenibut although I didn't have a wonderful experience with phenibut, possibly took too much and of course a nootropic Modafinil that I got a script for from my doctor. I'm going to try the anaricitam to experiment, after researching a bit more Anyway lmk if you are still a fan of Alpha Dymanics. Thanks for the videos. take care. Ted

  4. If you want great quality mushroom enhancement supplements for better prices and reliable US home grown ingredients go to hostdefense.com
    They are the originals in mushroom science and they are still the best.
    Trust me nothing compares

  5. Can someone give me a recommendation.. I’m 22 years old I have a lot of responsibilities I work for myself and my family works for me… Work gets stressful but I get through very innovated and always looking and trying to create more opportunity during my day… Days can be up n down sometimes slow and fast, I’m managing a lot of things atm and being very innovative what can anymore recommend I buy?

  6. The thing is….. When you take so many different supplements simultaneously…and are eating better…and are doing all of the other things you're doing….. It is almost impossible to tell what us doing what…. or what is synergistically with what else…..

  7. Great video great content. Which of the 3 would you recommend the most to me? I want to get more things done and feel smarter? My mom once gave me a prescription drug and i felt amazing quicker to talk enhanced memory atrival. I felt very focused with mental clarity. But on top of being prescribed its addictive and bad for ones health. What do you recommend with similar benefits? Thanks

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  9. The nootropic Id recommend depends on the person. If they suffer from high stress, worry, and high cortisol, Id get them on the standardized ashwagandha root extract (ksm-66) plus piperine (component from black pepper that aids bioavailability).

    L-theanine, vaped CBD, and kava kava could also be experimented with for the people who lose their mental edge due to stress, fear or anxiety.

  10. i have tried ginkgo biloba and it puts me over the top (fast talking asshole). tried rishi mushrooms and the same reaction nasty asshole. ginseng cycling is what i have found works best for me.

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