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45 thoughts on “L-Theanine – A Super Nootropic (+ High Dose Recommendations)”

  1. How is L-Theanine for Insomnia? It's not even always caused from overthinking… it seems I can be thinking nothing and the brain still does not want to sleep. The brain is just ON.

  2. I just ordered a bottle of 100 mg of Ltheanin with 200 mg of Caffeine in a soft gel from a company called Smarter Vitamins and was wondering if I should just purchase ONLY Ltheanin then drink caffeine …I assume the latter is a preferable option but realized my purchase was already committed lol. Hoping the Ltheanin / caffeine in the bottle will do. I accept constructive criticism

  3. Never tried a high dose of l-theanine, I've always have done low doses, about 200mg and felt calm, relaxed and zoned in. The first time i tried the 2:1 theanine/caffeine mix; not so much relaxed, definitely a felt calm, definately zoned in and super, on-point, laser focused. I'll have to definitely try high dosing of the theanine.

  4. Was considering taking the theanine/caffeine mix, but if there's any chance it might keep my mind from being able to explore creativity directly, that's something I want to avoid. I'm trying to mix up and hash around as many engineering/mechanical ideas as humanly possible for some various projects. Recently had some pretty solid progress with a few brainteaser mechanical ideas, and don't want to risk inhibiting any random thought direction which might result in some solution to a mechanical engineering problem. Any insights?

  5. I love your videos! You have a great ability to articulate the science behind nootropics (I have a masters degree in nursing so I always get frustrated with bro science). L-theanine works great for me (I feel relaxed with just one 100 mg dose). Thanks for your videos!

  6. Your like that guy in Horrible Bosses when he’s sifting the cocaine he spilled on Kevin spaces carpet while clumsily looking through his apartment for a way to murder his friends boss because they were bad at their jobs

  7. I use a multivitamin with omegas, theanine, magnesium citrate and 5htp. It REALLY helps with anxiety and depression and also slightly reduces my appetite. I love the combo and way better than xanax and a ssri!

  8. Im pretty sure I accidently overdosed on l theanine once. Felt Soo crappy. Probably took around 1.5 g in my energy drink. Afterwords I try and keep it below 800mg

  9. Like when i first time got theanine i was thinking it works like the limitless pill and gets you super intelligence but thats not the case. The real thing why theanine is great it beats anxiety, depression etc, but most importantly it gets you in the alpha state (brainwave state) and alpha state is accerlated learning and relaxed awarness and it improves your cognition. So if you want to study and beat anxiety its great for you but if you wanna get the same feeling like ''nzt'' in limitless then you are looking wrong product.

  10. Here are so many comments that he speaks fast all are from retarded imbeciles. English isn't my mother's tongue but i concider he speaks not fast not slow just the proper speed every blogger should use.

  11. How does L-Theanine stack with L-THP? I'm going to be going through an opioid withdrawal, and I work and raise kids, so I need to maintain as much functionality as possible. My main symptom of withdrawal (or the one that makes day to day responsibilities much more difficult to manage) is the extreme anxiety (both physical and psychological), and both of these work on the same plane, but are they safe together? In case it's important, I'm also planning on taking Magnesium and D3. Thanks in advance for any answers from anybody.

  12. Is there any sort of a withdrawal symptom after using this for a while and then quitting? If using for anxiety, after quitting would be exotic come back worse?

  13. Theanine so far has given me more energy and has made me more happy but not too happy more like myself and I’ve noticed a significant increase in focus. I’m going to stack it with caffeine tomorrow and see how well it works

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