How to Boost Brain Power with Diet and Avoid Nootropics- Thomas DeLauer
Nootropics are not the best way to get brainpower. Do it through diet and reap the rewards for twice the time. For more information on doing this the way I believe is best, head to
Here’s some more information as to why Nootropics might not be the best way to go!

1. Nootropics comes from the Greek and means, “Towards the Mind”
2. Nootropics are a new designation for drugs and supplements that claim to enhance cognitive function. Although the term “nootropics” and “smart drugs” are often used synonymously, technically they are different. Smart drugs are truly pharmaceuticals designed to treat abnormalities like ADHD (Adderall or Ritalin). Nootropics, on the other hand, do not attempt to correct a problem, but seek to boost or protect cognitive function, or some other performance issue.
3. Those who market nootropics make fantastic claims about their effectiveness, but lack adequate testing or regulation
4. Among the so-called nootropics are substances like caffeine and nicotine
5. Contrary to common opinion, just because a supplement is “natural” does not make it safe
6. Experimenting with untested nootropic compounds could be dangerous, especially when mixing or “stacking” compounds whose interactions we know little about
7. The possible dangers of taking nootropics could be increased in children and young adults whose brains are not yet fully developed
8. Recently, several US military personnel died taking a supplement called Jack3d a pre-workout supplement
9. Nootropics may aid in the repair of damaged brain function, but there is no evidence that they can serve as preventative or enhancing cognitive function
10. Many nootropics are merely stimulants like caffeine or nicotine that temporarily boost cognitive function. But when relied upon over time, the brain becomes dependent on the stimulant to process normal cognitive activities.
11. With consistent use of a nootropic, the body (and brain) can become tolerant to the extent that either ever increasing doses are required in order to obtain the same effects, or the compound becomes ineffective altogether.
12. One of the best ways to increase dopamine and enhance cognitive function is intermittent fasting
13. A diet rich in omega-3s, meat, nuts, and poultry can also boost dopamine levels.
14. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain function according to Dr. Ann Kulze, MD. The reason for this in part is that the brain itself is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty fish, such as wild salmon, sardines and herring fall into this category. Nuts like walnuts also contain plant-based omega-3s.
15. Regular physical exercise, meditation, adequate sleep, exposure to sunlight, completion of established goals, and massage therapy can also increase dopamine levels (notice that all these activities also reduce stress), “Nootropic,”nd,
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34 thoughts on “How to Boost Brain Power with Diet and Avoid Nootropics- Thomas DeLauer”

  1. How about supplementing with brain boosting supplements like choline, L-Carnitine, or Ginko Biloba, etc. etc?? There's probably a distinction to be made for supplement approach vs. pharmaceutical approach.

  2. I urge you to take a look at Qualia Mind, which supports long term brain health. Part of this is supplementing nutrients and vitamins we lack from today's modern agricultural practices. As well as implementing ingredients that feed the brain and have 40+ years of scientific research on those ingredient interactions with the brain to create a much more stable and safe nootropic formula without using such powerful/ harmful nootropic stimulants like Modafinil. Qualia mind changed my life and after I went off taking it I continued to feel better and happier. When I went back on qualia mind I actually found that i needed less of it. Instead of 5 days a week and 7 pills a day; I now take it like 3 days a week 5 pills a day.

  3. you are right, I like your video but I tried time management, meditation, self help books and they help me but if for some reason I have to take a break or have to work under pressure these thinks will not help you so much and you might give up that's why I started using nootropics, But you know a actually you are right and I suggest that nobody should try it if it is not very necessary for you body.

  4. Thomas, what do think about taking natural nootropics everyday, such as lions mane, ginko, rhodiola rosea, etc? Ive heard these are actually good long term, and Ive heard you mention taking lions mane everyday in a different video?

  5. HI Thomas, I can respect your point of view, but I have found real benefits from using choline supplements because I am unable to get enough choline from my diet as I am already suffering from digestive problems and my selection of nutrition sources is very limited. Now I am aware that if a person had to abuse anything that it would affect you greatly but let us look at most of the people around the world who do not actually have access to clean non-GMO and or pasteurised options due to financial constraints. In this case, I would definitely recommend using nootropics but only if are planning on doing it in the right way.

  6. Lol this dude got massive on steroids, and I'm sure is on replacement testosterone now. Regardless, you will never build ANYWHERE NEAR the amount of muscle he has intermittent fasting

  7. dislikes and negative comments are all the founders of supplements or active affiliates trying to shove a product down your throat at the benefit for their own capitalism and detriment of your overall health.

  8. Sorry Thomas, as we age there are somethings that diet can't replace. I agree that when I was young I didn't need anything but a good diet and exercise. I am very fit and do intermittent fasting and exercising, but that won't stop the decline of various hormones and brain nutrients we need.

  9. These are the type of people you need to avoid on youtube. Although he gives info on food and intermittent fasting, which is pretty common, he knows nothing about the topic of nootropics.

  10. I only take nootropics which are sustainable. Flooding my brain for a day certaintly isnt worthe it. I agree with you to an extent but there are certianly nootropics that can be life changing for people.

  11. You are some what confused Thomas, please see bellow;

    The "nootropic" RHODIOLA ROSEA for example, acts as a MAOI, (Monoamine oxidase inhibitor) and not a SRA, (serotonin releasing agent). It is the SRA drugs that take "from tomorrow" leaving you feeling depleted the next day. An example of an SRA is the well known illegal drug (MDMA).

    Since RHODIOLA ROSEA is not a SRA, but is instead a MAOI, it will not leave you feeling depleted at all, quite the contrary. I want to highlight that their are different methods that natural or medical drugs can "go about" increasing the main monoamines, (dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine)

    "SRA", "MAOI" and "SSRI'S"

    As already outlined, SRA release stored monoamines, SSRI'S actually stop the removal or monoamines thus creating a build up over time, and finally MAOI's like Rhodiola Work by inhibits the enzyme that breaks down the monoamines.

    So any one desiring to take RHODIOLA ROSEA or other simialr "nootropics" should not be afraid of such side effects as depleting future stores of monamines. one should treat these natural drugs as a less effective MAOI antidepressant with non of the negative side effects of the medical ones. (such as not being able to eat cheese!)

    This is why extreme cases of depression call for medical drugs because the trade of with side effects are rewarded by stronger results.

  12. Bullshit video.. Natural nootropics are good, because they give you the boost, they don't "borrow the boost"… BTW Omega 3 is a nootropic.. This dude really doesn't know what he's talking about lmao

  13. One thing is missed, in the beginning a thing/supplement is only nootropics if it doesn't have eny side effects, long therm and short therm. When you stop taking the supplement your brain should be better and healthier then when you started taking it, if it doesn't, it's not a nootropic.
    Unfortunately the market have destroyed what nootropics ones stod for.

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