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  1. How does something like cheese or dairy poke holes in your gut.. You say it messes up the mucilage lining of your stomach but how do you know? Can you point to any studies or explain how you came to find this information out.

  2. I've been binge watching your videos. And I have so much to say but I want to be brief. I am new to Keto and I downloaded another diet before I found you. Yesterday I downloaded your Metabolic diet. As a Nurse of 21 years and a chronic dieter I want to add my two cents to the conversation of your approach to Keto. I have not started my journey yet but I can say from years of living inside the healthcare system You are on point! Yes we are all different and no one answer will fit everyone. However your foundation is sound and grounded in real science. Yes this life style starts in the mind. People educate yourself. Investigate each of her claims. Start with WHY do we as humans need to eat. We eat for fuel and building blocks…that is it. Each cell in your body breaks down and is replaced. In 7 years your body will have turned over every cell. Food is not entertainment. What do you want to be in 7 years? You don't put sugar water in your car and wonder why I won't work. Understand you are a processing plant. That is what your body does. Be more mindful of the fuel you place in your tanks.

  3. Stephanie thank you. I understand how frustrating it is to have so much knowledge and a desire to share it with the world and be met with so much resistance. Thank you for staying the course. One more thing I need to say… Nicotine and Caffeine share similar chemical reactions in the body. They are both highly addictive. If you understand how negative the effects of Nicotine are….is it really such a leap to understand that the effects of Caffeine can be just as bad? Before you Caffeine lovers blast me…You are adults…you have free will. Drink all the coffee you want…but don't get defensive when Stephanie tells the truth about the negative effects. Science is on her side. The first thing we do after someone has a heart attack is cut Caffeine from their diet…it affects the heart like Cocaine or any stimulant…ask a cardiologist…

  4. lol where is the hard science to what she saying I like this lady and want to lick her feet but she is wrong about vitamin d even at high dosage it is proven non toxic

  5. Hey Steph, what if the chlorella & spirulina caps are Organic & GMO free? Are they still bad for our bodies and why? Also if I have histamine intolerance does that mean I shouldn't consume eggs?

  6. Thank you so much for making these videos, I'm 1.5 months into a keto lifestyle and your experience and knowledge has been invaluable – I'm feeling great and the tweaks I'm making now are paying off – sleeping (and dreaming a lot now! 🙂 waking up refreshed and get on with my day with 0 coffee!! I'm going to take some lovely relaxing epsom salt baths now, I'm such a water baby so any excuse for a good soak! thanks again, your fab 🙂 hugs from across the pond xxx

  7. Hey steph you was right! I started eating low carb today and I feel good! The cheese i ate yesterday before the diet had me full of gas the whole day….I love your videos…! I hope to get a body like yours one day…i dont think i can get into ketosis now because I work night shift and breast feed….so no sleep with work or with the baby. But I will still try.

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