In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’ve selected the best questions that Bulletproof fans submitted via voicemail, Facebook and the Bulletproof® Forums, for another great Q&A. Hear Dave answer questions with recurring guest Dr. Mark Atkinson about pre-diabetes, pairing the Bulletproof diet with cycling and breastfeeding, stress and anxiety hacks, different methods of breathing, detoxing from mercury exposure and more. This episode covers a variety of topics based on your questions. Thank you and enjoy the show!

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4 thoughts on “March Q&A: Breathwork, Stress Hacks, Combating Pre-Diabetes & More! – #293”

  1. Coffee/caffeine is linked to human fungi overgrowth, and human fungi is linked to cancer, if it's not cancer itself (which I believe it is). Stay away from coffee/caffeine.

  2. This podcast was enlightening! Thank you! finally I have an answer as to why I was losing weigh when I started lifting weights! I'm a type 2 diabetic and I had never felt as good. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I had to stop completely for about two moths because I could not hold the weight or pull… and in those two months I feel I "ballooned" up which takes me to ask you, to beg you to please do a podcast on it ! another thing that happened is that I can no longer drink coffee! I used to love coffee! — and just one day I could not drink it, as if I had never liked it, I cannot bring a cup at all close to my mouth! any thoughts as to what happened to me?! Thanks for your wonderful work!

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