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On this episode you’ll discover:

* How Ben Greenfield became one of the top health and fitness experts in the world.
* Why lots of personal experimentation is a huge leverage point in uncovering the best health practices (minus the explosive diarrhea).
* Ben’s #1 tip for becoming successful in a career in health and wellness.
* The real reason that Ben competes in endurance events like triathlons and Spartan Races (this may surprise you!).
* How Ben and I differ on our motivations to exercise.
* What form of training Ben recommends for the greatest muscle growth.
* The benefits of doing low repetition multi-joint exercises.
* The surprising way that you can build or maintain muscle (no equipment necessary!).
* What heat shock proteins are and how they relate to muscle maintenance.
* What different types of saunas you can use.
* Why a heavy carb intake is not necessary to build lots of muscle (this is really groundbreaking!).
* How a ridiculously high carbohydrate diet can still keep some of your biomarkers healthy.
* What a day of eating would look like to build muscle on a lower-carb diet.
* How you can actually eliminate more fat cells.
* How you can use cryotherapy to increase fat loss.
* What little known supplements (if used in the right way) can effectively aid in fat loss.

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