Dr. Rhonda Patrick is renowned for her work on aging & longevity, metabolism, neurodegenerative disease and the role of micronutrients in the diet.

In this special episode we discuss inflammation, anti-nutrients, genetic testing, her views on Modafinil and other powerful drugs, meditation, sensory deprivation and more.

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36 thoughts on “Dr Rhonda Patrick on Inflammation, Modafinil & Sensory Deprivation (OPP 16)”

  1. Thank You Rhonda Patrick for all your contributions to the science of health. I finally realized why no one listens to me about vitamin d or sunlight or sauna, it's because compared to her artistically informative expression and verbiage, I sound like an ape. How would I contact her for research I'm doing related to the field?

  2. Wondering about what Dr. Rhonda Patrick says at the 22m mark, how can the gut bacteria both produce the gut barrier and simultaneously eat it? And if the largest reserve of immune cells are in the gut, why do the immune cells attack the gut bacteria only after the barrier is compromised?

    Regarding DNA damage, I wouldn't recommend Exogen Bio, they did crowd funding but never delivered on the analysis.

  3. The company she mentions is called UNITY BIOTECHNOLOGY and focuses on reversing and cleaning cellular senescence. Rhonda in other videos explains how autophagy helps this process, pretty much reducing calorie intake or 30%of food intake by fasting.

  4. I am 56 and was obese and dieted and I trained for triathlon for 3 years and produced so much inflammation in my body that I started to have lymphedema-fluid buildup of body fat increase -IBS symptoms-hormonal imbalance and alopecia. It has taken me over 7 months to heal my body from severe inflammation and deceased my exercise to 30 min per day of just walking.

  5. gud lines dr rhonda…ANYTHING WHICH DISTURBS or ALTERS THE HOMEOSTASIS OF THE BRAIN N MIND leads to sumkinda effects.. ..still modafinil s amazing ,itz jus like a pure caffeine which s zoomed up with long halflife…mechanism must b different from the regular cns drugs

    All food from plants should be eliminated from the human diet. Now goddamnit this is SOLID AS FUCK REAL SCIENCE !!!
    Humans are designed specifically to eat ANIMALS. Not only that we are supposed to eat their organs and fattiest parts.
    Fruit was eaten but rarely. Our stomach acid is even stronger than a typical carnivore, entering into scavenger territory.

  7. Nothing wrong with taking good care of oneself,but we in western civilization,REALLY NEED TO LIGHTEN UP,…kick back,crack a cold one,and burn one down,you may die sooner,but at least you be smiling………..jus sayin

  8. D3 has to be combined with K2 and A, so levels can and should be higher than 60. When all three are present, the "toxicity" issues appear to be missing, or the levels at which they appear are very much higher than RDA levels would have you think. D3 mobilizes calcium, K2 directs where calcium should go, and vitamin A shepherds excess calcium out of the body.

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