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Let there be light! But not just any light, red and blue LED light to be specific. On part 2 of Bulletproof Radio’s, Steve Fowkes series an in-depth conversation from this biohacking master continues. You will hear Steve and Dave talk about the benefits of light for mitochondrial function and how using certain types of light therapy can help you kick more ass. Oh! There is a ton of talk about smart drugs too. Discover new ways to upgrade your mind with racetams from the man who literally wrote the book on nootropics before they were even called that… And don’t forget to listen to part-1!

Part 1:

Steven Fowkes is an organic chemist by degree and a scientific generalist by nature. He is author/co-author of six books, five of which are health related, and has published over 100 issues of two health newsletters. He has been hacking health for four decades in many novel ways, long before self-care and Quantified Self became popular ideas. One hack was overcoming severe stage fright, which enables Steve to do public speaking engagements (see him at last year’s Bulletproof Conference) and TV appearances (including his 15 minutes of fame on Larry King Live). Google him!

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27 thoughts on “Podcast #95 – LED Lighting & Smart Drugs w/ Steven Fowkes, Part 2 – Bulletproof Radio”

  1. I watched most of your podcast and those 2 are the most informative and deep ones I came across. Ths guy's knowledge is not just highly researched, but personally experienced, too. Highly appreciate it. nvite him again some time. Love to finally see your guest being a bit over your head Dave 😉

  2. After a few days of being born my son developed severe jaundice and they (the neonatal intensive care unit) immersed him in some high intensity blueish purple LED for a day and a half and his bilirubin went down drastically enough that he got released not too long after. i was there with him for many hours on and off and remember feeling quite amazed by the phototheraphy treatment because I've never seen such a simple treatment like that before. If the light treatment could aid my child, I'm sure it'll have some effects on me too. I already bought some lights, but I got the wrong ones, I will get the LED ones so I can get the lights closer to my skin, just like how they treated my child. 

  3. Love the episode.  I'm wondering though about the health of the Blue light spectrum.  I've seen various articles (some from daily UK) and this one sponsored by a Spanish insurance company MAPFRE in 2011 that basically show research that says that the blue LED spectrum (and to a less extent green and white) "harms retinal pigment epithelium cells".   So… that's not just talking about the melatonin issue, but a separate problem.  So, Dave, do you think this problem "brings to light" real risks of the blue spectrum, or even white?  Makes Incandescent looks good… with red LED too.

  4. Can you use the 30 watt bulb and put it right up to your nostrils to get the same effect as  buying the 300 dollar device and putting the lights in your nose?

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